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SJM  Against All Odds

 "Gizmo" is a 2013 bay, dun, Tobiano filly.  Her sire is Little Kings Brewski Buckeroo and her dam is HMM Painted Awesome Blossom.  She is AMHA, AMHR and she will stay small.  She ties, is working on being good with her feet and leading.  She is a sweet horse and needs someone will love her and spend time with her.  Sold



 SJM Darlins Enduring Freedom

 aka "Freedom"  AMHA/AMHR, black and white, Tobiano filly.  SOLD


New pictures coming 





















Baneys Royal Elite Petite


"Elite" is a 1997 AMHA A107780, AMHR 216454A. 34" mare.  Please click on her picture for her pedigree and more information! This mare is older but is very loving, good with her feet, gentle, kind and a great mother.  She would be a great child or a beginners horse.  SOLD to a wonderful family, The Lane Family in Fruita, CO


Top Of The Line Spirits Baby Doll


 Glory is a 2007, AMHA registered, 31", silver bay filly.  She is green broke to cart.  Please click on her picture for more information and her pedigree.  (pictures by permission and courtesy of I Am Ranch)  Glory has been left open for 2013 by our choice. SALE PENDING




SJM Leia's Orion S Domino






 SJM Hotter N A Firecracker

aka "Spark"  AMHA/AMHR  registered (paperwork in hand) FOR SALE

Buckeroo grand daughter SALE PENDING




 Grand Mesas Ghostly Garnet

AMHA registered




KSS Kattle Kate

"Harmony is a 2001, AMHA  registered, 32.5", bay mare. FOR SALE

Harmony is open

Please click on Harmony's picture for more information and her pedigree! Please see our sales page.  SALE PENDING





Little Big Hornes Trimmed In Lace


 "Lacey" is a 2008, 31", AMHA A190123, AMHR registered buckskin pinto, filly.   She has a super pedigree and we are pleased to add her to our herd.  Lacey has been left open for 2013 by our choice.




  S Bar P's Princess Leia

"Leia" is a 2008, AMHA A186442, AMHR 290496T, 34" mare.  Leia has been left open for 2013 by our choice.  We are offering Leia for sale, please see our sales page.  SALE PENDING




 Sonny Acres Ranch Philly Flash


" Philly" is a 2002, AMHA/AMHR, 33", black and white pinto.  Philly is Homozygous Tobiano and Homozygous black.  She is also trained to cart.  (pictures courtesy and by permission of Rivendell's MiniatureHorese)   Please click on Philly's picture for her pedigree and more information. Philly is open. Offered for sale, please see her page.  SALE PENDING






Reflection is a 3/20/05, AMHA A159275, AMHR 259763A, 32" black mare.(more picture coming in the spring)Reflection has been left open for 2013 by our choice. We are offering Reflection for sale, please see her page.  SALE PENDING


 SJM Star Spangled Banner

aka "Banner" AMHA/AMHR  SOLD





HMM Golden Sundancer


Sundance is a 2004 Palomino stallion, 29.75", AMHA A184325, AMHR 314491T.  He is also WCMHR 97120A-P registered and DNA'd .  Click on his picture for his pedigree and more information.  This boy sires wonderful, beautiful and friendly foals.  Love this boy!!!!!  SOLD



"Sophie" was born on 4/12/10.  She is an AMHA/AMHR registered filly.   Click on her pictures for more information.  She is a red line back dun. SOLD





Zephyr Woods Sweet Pea

 Sweet Pea is an 7-19-07 AMHA A184018, AMHR 287586T registered, 30", buckskin, pinto mare.

 Please click on her picture to see her pedigree and more information.  Sweet Pea was left open for 2013 by our choice.







 SJM Let Freedom Ring

AMHA/AMHR registered, weaned and ready to go!!!


 We were not going to sell Lettie originally but we have decided to let her go.  This is a super friendly and calm filly.  We have even had her in the back seat of the pickup to haul her and she did awesome.  She was not concerned in the least.  She is a daughter of our own direct Buckeroo son, Brewski and half sister to Spark.  




SJM Buffy's Silver Streak Lady Blitz

"Blitz" is our second 2011 foal.  She is an AMHA/AMHR, smokey black  sabino filly and was 21.25" at birth.  She was born on 3/27/11.  We are very pleased with this filly and she has a personality you can't beat. (please click her picture to see more information and better pictures.)  SOLD



SJM Coco's Little Miss Independence


This little girl has the most beautiful blue eyes ever.  More pictures to come.  Her dam is Coco below.









Ramakers CoCo Chanel

"CoCo" is a 2008, 32.5", AMHA, AMHR registered, buckskin mare. She has a spectacular pedigree.

CoCo had a buckskin filly!!!!She also has blue eyes!!  Her sire is Sundance.  This is CoCo's first foal and we could not be happier with this baby.  She is listed for sale below, Little Miss Independence.  CoCo has super blood lines and we would not consider selling her if we were not needing to cut back on our numbers.  CoCo is open but could be bred to a stallion of your choice.  



Bondes Bouncin B Chaos


 Chaos was just recently gelded and we will be training him to the cart and in halter.  He is a very nice looking horse with great presence and should be a very nice cart horse.  He is a super nice, gentle boy who loves attention.



 SJM Liberty Bell-a-the Ball

2012 AMHA/AMHR  






Westwind Whispering Oaks Stardust

"Star"is a 2003, 32.5" AMHA A148441, AMHR  233242A, registered white Sabino. She is Homozygous for Sabino.

Please click on Star's picture for more information and her pedigree!  



HMM Buttons N Bows

"Button" is a 2003 Silver Bay Roan, AMHA A187293, AMHR is 31.5" and DNA'd. 



HMM Destiny's Limited Edition


 Edition is a 2009 AMHA, AMHR, registered, black and white tobiano.  We are adding Edition to our line up of stallions for 2012.  He is a looker with beautiful blue eyes and we look forward to his first foals in 2013.   Please click on his picture for more information.



Havencrofts Neon Lights



 Neon is a 2009, AMHA, AMHR, chesnut, Homozygous, tobiano colt.  We acquired Neon from Havencroft Minis and thank them for allowing us to purchase this guy.  We will be breeding him to a few of his own mares this next spring and are excited to add him to our herd. Please click on his picture for more information .SOLD



Boones Little LKB Wild Dreams

 "Wilder" is 2007, 29.25", AMHA A183978, AMHR 287147T, pinto stallion.  He is very refined,  has a beautiful head, nice eye and great confirmation.SOLD


Westwind Echos Destined To Be Grand


Destiny is turning into a lovely girl and we are very pleased with her progress.  We expect her to mature at around 30-31".  She has four ties to Boones Little Buckeroo and is a Buckeroo great granddaughter.  This is an awesome horse with presence and a pedigree to match it.  We would not consider selling her if circumstances were different.  She will make a fine show filly and a super brood mare in a year or two.  SOLD





Grand Mesas Ghostly Garnet



"Garnet" is a 2006, AMHA A184373, 30" Chestnut pinto, mare.  Garnet is DNA'd and is also LWO negative.   Watch for better pictures this spring. Please click on her picture for her pedigree and more information! We just had Garnet ultrasounded on 12/23/11 and she is confirmed open. Thank you to John and Melissa Deti for purchasing Garnet.



Lowes Mark of Distinction


Mark is a 2000, stunning, 29.25", AMHA/AMHR, black and white pinto stallion. More information and his pedigree coming soon.  He is a very refined and beautiful horse.  We are offering Mark or sale.  SOLD



SJM Mr. Bojangles

"Bo" is a black and white, minimal, tabiano colt. He is AMHA, AMHR pending. This colt has show ring presence, conformation and attitude. Bo is an Orion Light Van Huttenest grandson and out of our Brewer's Orion Sable. (more pictures and information coming soon.)











"Tango is a 2009 AMHA, AMHR registered colt. He has been DNA'd and parent qualified and has tested negative for LWO.

Tango is a silver bay colt and has Komokos Little Husseler, Just KC, Orion Light Vant Huttenest in his pedigree. (please check his pedigree below) He is an extremely nice looking colt, these pictures do not do him justice. We look forward to what this little guy will become!! New pictures coming, probably not until spring now, unless he sells before that! Tango is a nice boy with a great personality and will make a wonderful herd sire when he grows up or a fine cart gelding. He has presence, looks and style. He is good with his feet, has great confirmation, loads, ties, clips, leads and likes people. He is a show quality colt! He is a fast learner and has been handled frequently since birth. He should mature at around 32.5". We would not be selling Tango except for the fact that we already have a number of mature stallions on our farm now. Tango has one testical decsended but vet believes the other one will come down fine. He is a fine horse but we feel it is only fair to disclose this information and it is also reflected in the price we are asking.




 SJM Skeeter's Spring Equinox

 2011 grulla, Tobiano filly.






Running Creeks Sweet N Petite

"Luna" is a 1997, blue roan. She is AMHA A85466 and AMHR 88218A registered and is 33".




Sire: Spragues Orion Royale Sir Prize

Dam: Sligo Sweet N Low

Luna has correct confirmation and a great pedigree which Orion Light Vant Huttenest, Dell Teras Moon Man and Stouts Mr Pride, to name a few! Luna foaled a nice silver bay colt in 2009 whose sire is Bens Prince Echo, a beautiful silver bay stallion who has Orion Light Vant Huttenest, Dell Teras Buttons and Komokos Little Husseler. Tango can be seen on the colts page. Luna was bred to Running Creeks Lil Firecracker and foaled a beautiful smokey black, pinto filly 2010. Pepper can be seen below. Luna has been DNA'd and is also is negative for LWO. Luna is an awesome mother, easy to trim, groom, etc. She is very friendly and loves to be around people.

She has been ultrasounded and confirmed in foal to Mark for a 2011 foal. Luna foaled a nice smokey blackand white, filly this year. Luna is offered for sale for 700.00 or 900.00 3 in 1 package with Pepper below and AMHA/AMHR, 2011 filly, name pending. SOLD with 2011 filly.


SJM Salt N Pepper Patches


"Pepper Pot" is an AMHA, AMHR registered, black and white or maybe you'd call her a blue roan pinto, filly? She was born on 7/17/10. She was 21" tall at birth, has beautiful markings, nice topline and good confirmation and our last foal of the year. Please click on Pepper's picture for more information and pictures. We are offering Pepper for sale for $250.00 pet quality as her bite is off a bit. She can be sold by herself or as part of the 3 in 1 package with her dam above. She is a very sweet little horse. SOLD



SJM Echos Twizzler Twist

"Twizzler" is a 2007, AMHR 297750T, WCMHR 29.75", chestnut Tobiano pinto filly. Please click on Twizzler's picture for more information and her pedigree. If not sold she will be hardshipped into AMHA this fall. We are offering Twizzler for $600.00. She sells open but has been in with Wilder for three months now and we are pretty sure she has settled. Please click on picture for more pictures and information. SOLD














SJM Madmardigan by Willow

"Martigan" is a buckskin, AMHA pending , buckeroo great grandson. He was born on 4/25/2011. He is marked really cool and is definately show quality. We have new clipped pictures of him on his individual page. Please click on picture below to go there.  This colt has some awesome bloodlines and should not be over looked. SOLD












Max is a 2010, smokey black, AMHA, AMHR registration pending colt. He carries the sought after Buckeroo blood lines and is a very handsome guy. See his pedigree below. He is a show quality colt and has a great personality too. We would like to see Max go to a show home.



SJM Maximus Prime

Max is 4 1/2 months old here. He is really turning into a very nice looking boy!!!!!!!!! (see Max's 1/2 brother, Edition below) Max is offered for sale for $700.00.


"Max" was born on 3-15-10 at 11:30 p.m. He is a smokey black, AMHA, AMHR pending colt. Max has ben DNA'd and color tested als




Grand Mesas Scarlet O' Hara

"Scarlet" is a 2008 chestnut pinto, AMHA A190235 filly.






"Tuck" is a 2006 black and white homozygous pinto stallion, 33", AMHA A 178876, AMHR 273312T and is DNA'd.



Desert Realms Rayon De Soleil

"Sunny" is a 2008 palomino pinto filly who is AMHA/AMHR and PtHA registered.



Apache Girl

"Abbey" is a 1999 red and white leopard appaloosa who is registered WCMHR. Abbey is bred and confirmed in foal to HMM Golden Sundancer for a 2010 foal.














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